A Million Faces



An evening stroll



After Winter


Life’s full circle. New ones blooms, age then drop, making way for the new ones yet again…

There was a time when I took a break from photography, new job, newly married but amazing as it is that the nature never take breaks, never get tired! It goes on and whenever I saw it bare, naked, vulnerably throwing itself at us, I desiderated to capture it, treasure it.

Do check my precious blog ‘MOMENTS‘, it was the time when I started clicking and people liking it was a great encouragement. Remembering those days I feel thankful to all those people who not only encouraged me but also inspired me. And if not for them there wouldn’t have been this ‘now’!

Way to Hope



Wandering through the serene lanes of Pondicherry, listening to the ocean crushing against the rocks my eyes caught this woman sitting in one corner of the foot path lost in her world. Unlike the times when we form perceptions and judge, there are certain times when its more important to just be there ….

Who she was?? Whoever… but what she was doing was beautiful.

Life @ Edge


A picture says a million words and sometimes a million words cannot express a single thing.

Ever Waiting…


The Other World


As we waited at Chennai station for our train to Hyderabad, this lad caught my attention and dragged me to those golden old days. No video games, no mobile phones to  entertain, these comic books were our only private world.

The Antagonist



Life: I choose to stand in the barren land, I choose to be who I am, the wind cannot blow away my feet, the sun cannot burn my wish to be. I am life and I choose to live!